peter and pipa

our mission

To encourage children to imagine, create, and play using toys made from high-quality organic materials and storybooks made from recycled material.

our story

At peter and pipa, Inc. we create high quality, safe, sustainable products that encourage children to use their imaginations.

All of our masks and accessories are cut, sewn, and assembled in the United States. We source our unique organic materials from Austria, the United States, France, and Holland. Because your children’s safety is of the utmost importance to us, each of our special pieces have passed rigorous chemical, mechanical, and flammability safety tests.

Our storybooks are also unique. They are made from 100% recycled materials and printed right here in the United States using vegetable-based inks.

We strive to make every aspect of our products as special and unique as each of our little adventurers. We can't wait to see children’s imaginations at work!

peter and pipa - vivian and nicola

two peas in a pod

We are identical twins who were born in Austria and grew up going on all sorts of adventures together. Always imagining. Always creating. We founded peter and pipa, Inc. to inspire children to play in the same way that we did—without phones, tablets, or televisions. Our hope is that our stories and organic masks will promote creative thinking, develop children’s problem solving skills, and give children a sense that they can overcome obstacles on their own.

We are so excited to share our newest adventure with you and the children in your life. It is our hope that you have as much fun using our products as we have had creating them! 

Wishing you endless adventures!

Vivian and Nicola